The Path to Hopewell & the Furnace Casting House

This is the path to Hopewell Village from the entrance.
Furnace casting house
This is a front view of the Furnace casting house. Note the cannon and stack of pig iron in the foreground.
Side view of the casting house with company store on the right.
This is a side view of the Furnace casting house. The company store is on the right.
Inside cast house showing front of the furnace with pulleys, ladles and pig iron troughs.
Inside the casting house showing the base of the furnace. Note the pulleys on either side, the pouring ladles on the right, and the pig iron troughs on the floor.
Water wheel and blowing tubs
The water wheel powers the bellows (the round tubs on top) and blows air into the furnace.
Moulders' work area.
The moulders’ work area where molds are made for iron products.
Diagram of how the furnace works.
This diagram of the interior of the furnace shows the top of the furnace where iron ore, limestone, and charcoal would be added. The air duct on the left brought air pumped from the bellows to make a hotter fire. Limestone would combine with the impurities of the iron to form slag which would be drawn off first. Then the molten iron would be tapped from the bottom of the furnace.